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Vervoerscollege strives for continuous training for excellent employees within the transport and logistics sector. Employees and job seekers receive a more practical training as a basis. During their career they are continuously trained to become excellent employees, thereby obtaining the best possible career perspective.

Qualified Logistics Employee (NLQF-2)
Having a reachtruck or forklift certificate does not make someone a logistics employee. This profession changes rapidly and the logistics employee will be assigned more and more tasks and will have to be trained in this. The education ‘Qualified Logistics Employee’ provides for this and determines new learning outcomes together with the business community allowing the logistics employee to participate more quickly and professionally in the various work processes (easier onboarding process). This education gives the logistics employee more perspective on his career, an NLQF-2 diploma and thereby an entrance in lifelong learning.

Target group Logistics employees
Intake conditions Speaking Englisch/listening, reading and writing on level B1 or more
Time frame 7 days lessons devided over a period of 6-9 months
Location Vervoerscollege Venlo (incompany on request)
Result Diploma Qualified Logistics Employee NLQF 2
Advanced training NLQF 3


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What is NLQF (in dutch)?
Professioneel Logistiek Teamleider
NLQF learning lines (in dutch)

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